After food-drink and clothing, the settlement provides human beings with protection and long-wellbeing to their lives. Therefore, housing become a common need that every person should acquire in order to be active, creative and productive in our globalized and multicultural society.


The exterior and the interior of the houses provide a modern complement to Norwich’ elegant landscape. The traditional brick embraced by the zinc pitched roof, forms the discrete façade of the building, giving a modern touch by adding recessed glazed opening that runs all the way from the bottom to the top of the building. This brick façade along with the juxtaposed vertical glazed window will provide openness, yet the privacy of its house holder will not be compromised. More over fresh air and the correct amount of light will flood into the house creating a highly sustainable environment for its residents. Another advantage of the glazed “strip” is that it will create amazing framed views to the neighborhood adding a contemporary solution to the design and reinforcing the communal spirit of Norwich.

about the project


​PROJECT_Norwich Residences Housing


LOCATION_Norwich, England

STAGE_Concept Design

Norwich Residences

“Therefore, it was the discovery of fire that originally gave rise to the coming together of men, to the deliberate assembly, and to social intercourse.”

With these powerful words, composed in one sentence, Vitruvius has set out the essence and the milestone of all milestones in Architecture. The third major need of a human being. 

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