The dominant feature of the architecture design separates the white volume and welcomes the guest to the interior of the residence, highlighting the exclusive sea view by framing it with two emblematic stone walls. Visitors experience tranquility upon arrival due to the prominent water feature and guides them through the residence towards the outdoor pool and mesmerizing private beach.


The carefully selected cladding materials shield the structure from the extreme variations of temperature in Dubai and underline the morphological identity of the architecture, as well as the Owners’ Hellenic side, by using the extremely rare Pendelikon marble, the same marble that the Parthenon uses, which quarry’s resources are now exhausted.

about the project


​PROJECT_Bvlgari Island Villa

CLIENT_SDS Gulf Limited

LOCATION_Jumeira Bay, Dubai

STAGE_Under Construction

Private Villa_Bvlgari_Island

The luxurious ocean front villa is situated in the newly constructed Island in Jumeirah Bay, Dubai. The architectural design aims to escalate privacy through the residence, exchanging between intro and extroverted spaces and functions.

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