The hotel’s architectural concept, simulates the water, through the curves and pools on its balconies. The architectural language is similar to the one used for the residences but in reverse, the water element is simulated by the building rather than the bay and the forest element is simulated by the bay rather than the building.


The hotel is located close to the existing Spa facility in order to offer to its guest’s easy access to the services of the spa, indoor pool, gym, yoga and to Queens Beach. The hotel guests can enjoy the forest view of the two hills between which is located, with dynamic curves towards the “forest of memory”, as well as the beautiful pine trees at the edge of the plot towards the Spa. 



about the project


PROJECT_JANU Montenegro created by Aman

LOCATION_Milocer, Montenegro

STAGE_Concept Design​



JANU Montenegro created by Aman 


Sveti Stefan_Montenegro




The concept is affected by the disarming beauty of the area’s natural landscape and the incorporation of the architectural design within it.

The buildings aligned along the bold lines and curves of the nearby mountains and sea coastline and smoothly integrated into the space, creating a sense of peace and tranquility to visitors.  

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