The AMAN Cavtat standing as a set of stone towers across the horizon on the seaside, in contrast with the gentle skyline embracing the mountain end, enabling a kinetic experience of passing. The transition maintains a sense of wholeness without compromising the individuality of the soul by providing home to a wholesome community.


about the project


​PROJECT_Aman Cavtat

CLIENT_Epidaurus Hotel & Spa d.o.o

LOCATION_Cavtat, Croatia

STAGE_Construction Design

Aman Cavtat

​The variety of buildings volumes and heights, form a reference to the Dubrovnik’s historical built environment. The strong vertical elements on the facades, project the ratio of the smallest units within the bigger volumes. These elements divide the façade, while at the same time, shape a unified composition, which reflects and reinterprets the traditional Croatian structured environment with its attached buildings and asymmetrical volumes.



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