Athens / Greece​

Being a representative example of post war Greek architecture, the building features a stoa, which is used as a commercial hub, as well as access from three sides.


The visual impact of the volume of the building was tamed by respecting the architecture of the adjacent buildings and the architecture of the various landmarks around it. The new design aims to misinterpret the typical characteristics of the building, the stoa, the crown and the crevasses, in order to highlight the new use.


The stoa and the crown will house public uses, such as the lobby, bars and gardens, while the main volume will house the guestrooms. The openings are placed in indentations, on vertical and horizontal zones, according to the interior uses, aiming to highlight them, as well as provide a sense of movement in the façade.

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​PROJECT_Elia Ermou Hotel

CLIENT_Ermou 15-17 SA

LOCATION_Syntagma, Athens, Greece

STAGE_Under Construction

Elia Ermou Hotel

Two offices are connected and converted to a 124-room hotel, with conference centre, spa, restaurant, and outdoor swimming pool. The new design conforms with the values of contemporary hotel, taking advantage of the central location in the historic centre of Athens.​

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